Phone:  (812) 886-4698


Industrial Steel and Construction

6120 River Road

Hodgkins, IL 60525

Contact: Francisco Leal

Phone: (219) 885-7600 x 478

Types of Detailing: Girders, Beams, Railroad Bridges, and Rehab Bridges

Indiana Steel & Engineering Corp.

957 J Street

Bedford, IN 47421

Contact:  Troy Moyes

Phone: (812) 277-2055

Type of Detailing:  Beam Bridges, Earthquake Restraint Retrofit

Littell Steel Company

100 Fallston Street

New Brighton, PA 15066

Contact: Robert Thaw

Phone: (724) 843-5211

Type of Detailing: Specialty Steel Projects

Notable Projects:  Penn State Weave Bridge, Indianapolis International Airport Helical Structures

PH Drew Inc.

2450 N Raceway Rd

Indianapolis, IN 46234

Indianapolis, IN 46234

Contact: Phil Drew

Phone: (317) 297-5152

Type of Detailing: Expansion Joints, Walkways and Fencing

King Fabricators, LLC.

19300 W Hardy Rd
Houston, TX 77073

Contact: Dave Newman

Phone: (281) 209-0811


Type of Detailing: Girder Bridge